Wanted: Washington State Surrogates!

US Surrogacy is excited to start working with women from Washington State under the new UPL! Establishing parentage for surrogacy in Washington State will now be a seamless process for everyone involved. Women who become surrogates are generous and kind. They are teachers, nurses and stay-at-home moms. They are passionate about families. They are spirited, … Continue reading Wanted: Washington State Surrogates!

Here’s Why Surrogacy Doesn’t Commoditize Women

Surrogacy means something different to each and every person it touches. For intended parents, it is the chance to expand their family and realize their dreams of parenthood. For surrogates, it is the opportunity to give selflessly of themselves to another family who desperately needs them. For both, surrogacy is an extraordinary journey, a rewarding … Continue reading Here’s Why Surrogacy Doesn’t Commoditize Women

Making surrogacy legal around the World

Here at US Surrogacy, we support the legalization of surrogacy and egg donation around the world. We hope that someday anyone desiring a child will be allowed to grow their families through legal opportunities in their own countries. Here is an article from the LAW TIMES regarding this issue specific in Canada: End criminality for … Continue reading Making surrogacy legal around the World