If I used only two words to describe my surrogacy journey I would use “unimaginably gratifying.” I was introduced into surrogacy by a dear friend who also had been a gestational surrogate. We visited off and on about surrogacy a handful of times, she really encouraged me to think about it since she knew my pregnancies and births were out of this world easy, and most of the time enjoyable. I love being pregnant and birth is such an empowering and beautiful experience for me. I wanted to make sure this would be right for myself and our family, so I took a lot of time considering how carrying a baby for another family would affect all of us, and after going through my journey, I can say I feel that having a support system is vital. My husband and all of my extended family, as well as many friends, supported me when I shared I was interested in being a surrogate, and I am so grateful for that.

Once I decided that yes, I wanted to go forward, I was matched quickly with an adorable Chinese couple. The husband and wife were pursuing surrogacy to complete their family, to give their daughter a baby brother and I felt an instant connection with them. I mostly got to know the intended mother, and I am thankful we connected well and that our relationship blossomed despite the language barrier, her English was minimal. It’s excellent our bond grew strong since our journey together was not the simplest, or very timely. It took a long 18 months, three transfers and hundreds of needles to achieve a successful pregnancy. Looking back, I remember worrying I would never accomplish this goal for this family. I did my best always to try to remain cautiously optimistic and knew deep down in my heart- if it’s meant to happen, it will happen, and it did! Surrogacy has given me a personal experience in the infertility world, trying so long and having to start over each time was not the easiest thing, but it has been so worth it. The day the baby came reassured my reservations that this all would be so worth it because seeing baby’s parents see him for the first time touched my heart so profoundly. There was no stopping the tears as his first cries echoed through the room, I will forever remember the expression on his mother’s face, it was the look of intense and deep, pure love. When it came time to say goodbye to the baby and his parents I knew I would miss them, and I still do, who wouldn’t? They are friends who feel like family! We keep in touch on occasion and even share photos of our families. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for their family.

It’s hard to describe how full of gratitude I am, we all did such an amazing thing together to help welcome that sweet baby to this world. From day one and to the very end of this process all of my experiences and interactions with US Surrogacy were amazing, and my coordinator was so attentive to my needs-before and after my delivery, she’s truly wonderful. I know many gestational surrogates say, “I would do that again in a heartbeat!” Although I don’t feel that way at this time, I have no regrets, and I am so very grateful for my journey.