When I was approached about how I felt about becoming a possible surrogate mother, I didn’t really think much about it and I wasn’t really sure how to respond. I mean, I always thought I could carry a child for a family member, but I never really thought about doing it for a family I had never met before. Not that I was opposed to it, but it just honestly never entered my mind. I talked a lot about it with my husband, my kids and my extended family and it eventually became something that I decided I really wanted to do. I kept thinking about life without my own children and I kept thinking about how amazing it would be to make a real difference in someone’s life…to help them have a child and experience parenthood in this way. I was a little concerned with how I would feel about carrying a child and having to “hand it over” to its parent later on so I started picking the brains of a couple surrogates that I knew and a couple surrogates that I had been put into contact with through my agency US Surrogacy. I felt a lot better having talked about it with them and in the end for my first journey, the birth and what came after was the absolute best part! I had no attachment issues to the baby, and being able to recover from childbirth without a newborn was a little magic in and of itself. You do have to be ok with needles and administer many injections that you have to give yourself (or have your husband do it if you are a complete baby like I am) but despite that, the whole first journey with my intended parents, my coordinator and my agency was everything to me and I don’t regret a single thing. I felt I truly had full support from my agency and although my intended parents and I didn’t speak the same language, we were still able to communicate and develop a relationship. To this day, I LOVE getting photos of my first surrogate baby and watching her grow up and live her best life with her beautiful family means the world to me! I am currently pregnant with my second surrogacy baby and I, of course, chose US Surrogacy to be my agency again. I am getting the same stellar support as I did during my first surrogacy journey and I look forward to giving this sweet baby back to her mommy and daddy after a very long time of “extreme babysitting” with me.