Tom & Ran

We had the pleasure of getting to know and work with Dawn and US Surrogacy. We’re not from the US and when our profile went out in the beginning of our search for a surrogate we really didn’t know what we’re going to come across.
US Surrogacy and Dawn were immediately different from other agencies. Dawn won us over with a huge warm smile from the first Skype with her and our perfect surrogate that was matched with us. From that moment on, Dawn and the team made us feel very secure in the ever-changing world of surrogacy. They’ve provided us support and answers, sometimes by email and sometimes just by replying to a stressed-out text message, always being complete professionals but never giving up on humanity, caring feelings and empathy, for both us and our surrogate.
When our local representatives told us about US Surrogacy, they described it as a “boutique” agency. We didn’t quite understand it then but now we do; US Surrogacy is a family agency and we’re glad to be part of that family. We appreciate and thank you for all the work you do.