About Us


US Surrogacy was founded with the concept that the entire journey of starting a family should ALWAYS be a personal experience for everyone involved; from the very beginning when intended parents start their research, to the matching of the ideal surrogate or egg donor, through delivery, and finally to make sure your family gets safely home. Founded in 2014, we are a full-service, hands-on, modern agency who welcomes all backgrounds and lifestyles. We work with families regardless of marital status, cultural background or sexual orientation. We are dedicated to providing great care and attention to matching intended parents with surrogates or egg donors and creating an easy, happy surrogacy journey.

US Surrogacy serves clients from all around the world, here in the U.S. and abroad. We enjoy having the opportunity to help international intended parents build or expand their family. International intended parents face special challenges. We work to ensure the surrogacy process will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible for international intended parents while obtaining passports for their child, insurance coverage for the newborn baby before leaving the United States, and citizenship for the baby in their home country.

We are also proud to offer egg donation services. From egg donor screening to medical referrals for the procedures necessary throughout the process, we want to make certain that intended parents and surrogates feel at ease and excited about the journey they are about to embark on.

We welcome you to explore our website to find answers to any questions you may have, and then contact us to start your journey today!

                                                                                      –DAWN BAKER, OWNER AND SURROGACY PROGRAM MANAGER