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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose US Surrogacy?

There are many surrogacy agencies to consider in the United States.   What distinguishes US Surrogacy from any other agency, is that we work as your representative consultant.  We do not just assume that you will need a surrogate and/or egg donor; we realize each and every journey is unique and should be treated as personal.  While many agencies will talk about a personalized experience for intended parents – we show it in our actions.

What is the difference between traditional and gestational surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is when a woman who carries a child conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) using the egg of the intended  parent or an egg donor, and the sperm of the intended parent or sperm donor.  This differs from traditional surrogacy,  which is when a woman carries a child using her own egg and is the genetic and biological mother of the child.

Do you work with all intended parents, whether they are single, married, or LGBT?

Yes!  We help those who want to start their family, regardless of their marital status or sexual orientation.

Do you work with intended parents or clients from any state or country?

Yes, in fact, that is our specialty.  Even though we are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have associates all over the United States who work as part of our team in supporting you through your personal journey.  Our focus is always to find the right fit for you and your needs.

Do all states in the United States have similar laws regarding Surrogacy?

No, all states are not the same.  In fact, some are “surrogacy friendly” while others have deemed surrogacy to be illegal.  It varies greatly throughout the United States.  We will help you work with only surrogate friendly states and ensure that you are legally protected through the process.

What if I already have a surrogate or egg donor? Will you still work with me?

Yes, we will work to identify your unique needs and if that does not include a surrogate or egg donor, then we will identify the areas of your journey that are still needed (such as an attorney, medical providers, independent third-party escrow for your funds, etc.) and work with you throughout the process.

How long will the entire process take?

That really depends on your needs.   In some cases you may be matched with a surrogate that is already medically and psychologically cleared, or we identify a surrogate based on your profile and customized for you.   Also, do you need an egg or sperm donor?  In all, the process from the time you begin until your child is born may take any where from 14-18 months.

How much will the entire process cost?

Again, that really depends on your unique situation.  The best thing is to schedule a time to speak to US Surrogacy for a journey plan that is customized to meet your unique needs.

What are the next steps if I am an Intended Parent?

Simply contact us to schedule a time for a phone or video (Skype)  appointment.

What are my next steps if I am interested in becoming a Surrogate?

Contact us or apply with US Surrogacy today!