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Intended Parents

The Decision to Start a Family is Exciting!

Becoming a parent is an exciting endeavor but can also be a trying time for intended parents.

Whether you are a straight or LGBT couple, or an intended single parent, the key is making the right match with a surrogate and if necessary, an egg donor!

Our agency is focused on a personal experience like no other, that works to match intended parents with surrogates that have compatible interests and expectations for the journey, and similar backgrounds.

You will work with the same member of our team for your entire journey.

We look forward to working with intended parents one-on-one for a personal experience!

A Full Service Surrogacy Consultancy

US Surrogacy provides a number of services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Identify, screen and match a surrogate that meets your requirements and expectations for the journey.
  • Coordinate legal services for the preparation of the legal contract between the intended parents, surrogate and/or egg donor and obtain the birth order to establish your parental rights.
  • Manage your independent escrow/trust account so you can focus on the journey of starting your family without financial stress.
  • Coordinating with the medical care providers and/or clinic during the journey.
  • Assist in obtaining the birth certificate, passport, and Visa/Travel Document as needed.
  • Be your advocate and provide excellent service  in every way possible during the journey!