New Parents Share Their Thoughts as They Say Hello to Baby and Goodbye to 2021

Goodbye 2021 and hello to 2022! Here at US Surrogacy LLC we just wrapped up a stellar year with over 40 babies born. Our surrogates delivered so much joy to their parents, many who have been waiting a very long time to have a baby of their own. Three of our recent parents took the … Continue reading New Parents Share Their Thoughts as They Say Hello to Baby and Goodbye to 2021

Wanted: Washington State Surrogates!

US Surrogacy is excited to start working with women from Washington State under the new UPL! Establishing parentage for surrogacy in Washington State will now be a seamless process for everyone involved. Women who become surrogates are generous and kind. They are teachers, nurses and stay-at-home moms. They are passionate about families. They are spirited, … Continue reading Wanted: Washington State Surrogates!


Here are some real-mom tips from on how to get your kids out the door (to school) faster and smoother! "Mornings can be the worst. Filled with groggy kids, groggy parents, and missing socks, the struggle of getting your family up and at ‘em is real. To help curb this, we’ve gathered real-life, practical … Continue reading GET YOUR KIDS OUT THE DOOR FASTER


Did you know that Maryland became the third state in the country to cover fertility preservation for cancer patients and others at risk of medically-induced infertility? "Each year, tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer in their reproductive years, the majority of which are at risk for iatrogenic (or medically-induced) infertility from their … Continue reading COVERING FERTILITY PRESERVATION