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US Surrogacy is a full-service Surrogacy Agency based in Las Vegas, NV, and California. We were founded to assist couples and individuals with the desire to achieve a family through third-party assisted reproduction. We strive to provide our clients with the highest standard of care in the surrogacy industry. US Surrogacy does not discriminate based on sexual preference, marital status, race, religion, age, or gender.

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Dawn Baker, Owner and Surrogacy Program Manager

Dawn Baker is the owner of US Surrogacy, and much of her enthusiasm for surrogacy comes from Dawn’s experience as an infertility patient prior to having her second son and the belief that no matter what walk of life you come from, the inherent desire for a family is in many of us.  She brings significant work experience from the legal field to US Surrogacy, having worked first as a legal assistant and then as a paralegal for over 20 years.  She entered the legal profession after having served in the US Army for five years with an emphasis on communications. Dawn is committed to providing a transparent, caring environment for both Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers. Her background in the legal field and her experience with her own infertility makes her uniquely able to navigate the process of surrogacy.

Dawn attends conferences in the surrogacy field regularly and is a member of ASRM. She is also on the membership committee for SEEDS, of which she is also a member. Dawn has spoken about the surrogacy journey around the world, including China. She has also attended events in Europe to continue spreading the joy she finds in building families. She continually spends time learning about reproductive technology and the industry in order to best serve the clients of US Surrogacy.

An ardent supporter of the ability to have a family, she became interested in surrogacy through an acquaintance and soon became an advocate for others to help build their families. With the amazing science of reproductive technology, we are blessed to have the means in our society to realize that desire. She is passionate about the ability to work in an environment whose core existence is the growth of the family.

Dawn and her husband enjoy spending time with their family of three beautiful children, the oldest who works in technology and the younger two who are currently attending college.  She has many nieces and nephews and loves living close to her extended family.

Janelle Hammett, Escrow Manager

Our Escrow Manager Janelle has been with USS for the last three years, and her main focus is our gestational carriers in the Las Vegas area. She came to us with an extensive accounting and clerical background, having worked in both private and non-profit sectors, including 6 years as a payables specialist. Her experience also includes two journeys as a surrogate, which were defining moments in her life. Her first journey was to carry twins for a single father in China, and her second was also for a single father who desired to start a family. She is still close with them and often exchanges emails and photos of their children with one another.

Janelle has spoken internationally for US Surrogacy on the topic of surrogacy and has years of experience helping women and children in need. She loves to share her knowledge for growing families through surrogacy. She has also completed business courses at Sacramento State College and is certified in office management.

Janelle is a single mother, has a passion for fitness, and focuses much of her spare time on her two children.

Amy Griffin, Case Manager

Amy is married and has a 5 year old son. She currently lives in Texas but is relocating to Oklahoma. Amy had ten years of experience working as a medical assistant at an OBGYN clinic before she came to work at US Surrogacy LLC. She also has two years of infertility experience where she was an IUI coordinator, IVF coordinator then moved up to third party coordination helping intended parents, surrogates and egg donors. Her passion is helping others. Working for US Surrogacy has been the most rewarding job to her by far with helping families grow and getting to be a part of such a big time in these families lives.

Junior Velazquez, Case Manager

When Junior Velazquez learned that US Surrogacy was seeking a Spanish-speaking professional to coordinate Surrogates locally in the US and international Intended Parents, he was excited to apply. Bringing the perfect personality, skills, and experience for the job, Junior was welcomed into our case manager’s team, providing surrogacy coordination services.

Junior moved to Las Vegas nineteen years ago with his family, where he continues to live alongside his husband, raising their son.

His son, Elliot, is the life of his world, and he wants others to experience parenthood in any anyway possible, just as he is.

Junior is a strong advocate for gay surrogacy and parenting, as well as for all couples and individuals who need third-party reproductive services to grow their families via Gestational Surrogacy. His personal experience and compassion makes him an ideal liaison for parents needing surrogacy coordination in the United States.

Before joining US Surrogacy as a coordinator, Junior worked in healthcare as a liaison for the LGBTQ+ community in Las Vegas, NV, by assisting with healthcare and contagious diseases, educating the community, and bringing care to patients through available services to them by the state.

After meeting his husband, Romain, Junior had the gift of becoming a stepfather to Elliot, but the word “step” is meaningless to him as he does not see DNA in order to be a father to someone he loves more than anything in this world. Elliot is his life!

Junior loves Las Vegas. It’s so easy to have a family in Las Vegas, NV. It’s calm, it’s quiet, and he has a house and backyard where they play and enjoy their time as a family. His husband also works in the fertility field. Junior recently found a passion for CrossFit with his husband, so health is a big part of his life. His typical day is cooking for his family, helping his son with homework and school projects, and taking him to sports practice such as soccer, gymnastics, and tennis.

As you can see, apart from his job providing surrogacy coordination and managing our Las Vegas office, spending time with his husband and their little boy is Junior’s greatest joy.

Junior and his husband, Romain, are considering having another child and might start the process again next year.

Lorena Picazo, Case Manager

Melissa Bagneschi, Financial Coordinator & Medical Records Reviewer

Melissa has been with US Surrogacy LLC for over 2 years and came to us with over 10 years accounting and bookkeeping experience. Originally from the Bay area, she has 2 teenage children and now resides locally in our small town community of Loomis. She has always had a passion for children and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development for teaching. She enjoys outdoor activities from paddle boarding to hiking and campfires. She loves being part of our small family style atmosphere and loves seeing families come together through the work we do each and every day.

Gennifer Rose, Marketing Manager

Gennifer is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area where she worked in marketing for large corporations in San Francisco. She and her husband relocated to Sacramento to start their family, and they now have two young children. While US Surrogacy LLC is her first time working in the fertility and reproductive industry, she enjoys helping families fulfill their parenthood dreams.

Support Staff

Jessica Baker, Medical Records Clerk
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Sydny Creel, Administrative Assistant