The members of US surrogacy team are incredible! They are so thoughtful with kind gifts along the journey both before and after, available whenever you need, and they do not treat you like a number, but instead like family! My first journey was beautiful and amazing and I couldn’t have done it without these amazing ladies! I am so excited to now be on my second journey with this amazing company!


We are delighted to be part of the wonderful world of US Surrogacy. From the first moment we met Dawn it was love at first sight. Dawn is really a nice woman, available 24 hours a day; always respond quickly to our questions giving us the tranquility we so badly need and clarifying all the doubts that arise day after day.
But the entire US Surrogacy team is also made up of special people. When we went to California to visit the angel carrying our baby, Corinne and Marin took a flight just to meet us. It was a gesture that we appreciated very much and that confirmed that at the base of the services offered by US Surrogacy there is a profound dedication to people, a lot of competence and professionalism, total honesty and loyalty in relationships, but above all a great passion for work done and an infinite desire to create happy families.


Noi siamo felicissimi di far parte del meraviglioso mondo di US Surrogacy. Dal primo momento in cui abbiamo conosciuto Dawn è stato amore a prima vista. Dawn è una donna simpatica e disponibile 24 ore su 24; risponde sempre e velocemente alle nostre domande donandoci la tranquillità di cui abbiamo tanto bisogno e chiarendo tutti i dubbi che sorgono giorno dopo giorno.
Ma anche tutto il team di US Surrogacy è composto di persone speciali. Quando siamo andati in California per far visita all’angelo che porta in grembo la nostra bimba, Corinne e Marin hanno preso un volo solo per incontrarci. E’ stato un gesto che abbiamo apprezzato moltissimo e che ha confermato come alla base dei servizi offerti da US Surrogacy ci sia una profonda dedizione alle persone, tantissima competenza e professionalità, totale onestà e lealtà nei rapporti, ma soprattutto una grande passione per il lavoro svolto e una infinita voglia di creare famiglie felici.

Giacomo & Dario

I can not put into words what this team and extended family has done for me and my kids. To have the opportunity to build a family for a couple that never thought it would be possible to have is the most amazing thing I feel like I have done, but I really could not have done it without this whole team!!!!


Dawn and her agency took such great care of me, my surrogate and my future family, which eventually became my amazing twins, a boy and a girl. The journey to becoming a parent wasn’t straightforward but Dawn make it much easier.


We had the pleasure of getting to know and work with Dawn and US Surrogacy. We’re not from the US and when our profile went out in the beginning of our search for a surrogate we really didn’t know what we’re going to come across.
US Surrogacy and Dawn were immediately different from other agencies. Dawn won us over with a huge warm smile from the first Skype with her and our perfect surrogate that was matched with us. From that moment on, Dawn and the team made us feel very secure in the ever-changing world of surrogacy. They’ve provided us support and answers, sometimes by email and sometimes just by replying to a stressed-out text message, always being complete professionals but never giving up on humanity, caring feelings and empathy, for both us and our surrogate.
When our local representatives told us about US Surrogacy, they described it as a “boutique” agency. We didn’t quite understand it then but now we do; US Surrogacy is a family agency and we’re glad to be part of that family. We appreciate and thank you for all the work you do.

Tom & Ran

If I used only two words to describe my surrogacy journey I would use “unimaginably gratifying.” I was introduced into surrogacy by a dear friend who also had been a gestational surrogate. We visited off and on about surrogacy a handful of times, she really encouraged me to think about it since she knew my pregnancies and births were out of this world easy, and most of the time enjoyable. I love being pregnant and birth is such an empowering and beautiful experience for me. I wanted to make sure this would be right for myself and our family, so I took a lot of time considering how carrying a baby for another family would affect all of us, and after going through my journey, I can say I feel that having a support system is vital. My husband and all of my extended family, as well as many friends, supported me when I shared I was interested in being a surrogate, and I am so grateful for that.

Once I decided that yes, I wanted to go forward, I was matched quickly with an adorable Chinese couple. The husband and wife were pursuing surrogacy to complete their family, to give their daughter a baby brother and I felt an instant connection with them. I mostly got to know the intended mother, and I am thankful we connected well and that our relationship blossomed despite the language barrier, her English was minimal. It’s excellent our bond grew strong since our journey together was not the simplest, or very timely. It took a long 18 months, three transfers and hundreds of needles to achieve a successful pregnancy. Looking back, I remember worrying I would never accomplish this goal for this family. I did my best always to try to remain cautiously optimistic and knew deep down in my heart- if it’s meant to happen, it will happen, and it did! Surrogacy has given me a personal experience in the infertility world, trying so long and having to start over each time was not the easiest thing, but it has been so worth it. The day the baby came reassured my reservations that this all would be so worth it because seeing baby’s parents see him for the first time touched my heart so profoundly. There was no stopping the tears as his first cries echoed through the room, I will forever remember the expression on his mother’s face, it was the look of intense and deep, pure love. When it came time to say goodbye to the baby and his parents I knew I would miss them, and I still do, who wouldn’t? They are friends who feel like family! We keep in touch on occasion and even share photos of our families. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for their family.

It’s hard to describe how full of gratitude I am, we all did such an amazing thing together to help welcome that sweet baby to this world. From day one and to the very end of this process all of my experiences and interactions with US Surrogacy were amazing, and my coordinator was so attentive to my needs-before and after my delivery, she’s truly wonderful. I know many gestational surrogates say, “I would do that again in a heartbeat!” Although I don’t feel that way at this time, I have no regrets, and I am so very grateful for my journey.


My name is Rabecka, I’m here to tell you my surrogate story. It’s unlike many others, I wasn’t in a hard spot for cash, nor did I know the parents prior to our journey. I just simply wanted to feel like a better human. There were struggles and there were hurdles to jump over, but the whole process went by faster than I’d ever imagined and in the end, all of the struggles were well worth it. I began my journey in December of 2016 and gave birth to a beautiful Chinese baby boy April of 2018. He was 5 weeks and 5 days early, but nothing short of amazing. The amount of love and joy that overcame me after I had that little boy was unimaginable, I felt so many feelings that I had never experienced. Even though the labor was really hard, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I learned a lot from myself and many others along my journey, I made lifelong friends and some new family members. My intended parents and I bonded instantly. I learned a long the way that some people find surrogacy to be “weird, ungodly, stupid and even cult like.” But I also learned that some people find it to be “rewarding, heartwarming, beautiful, and selfless.” I soaked up the good and ignored the bad as much as I could because I knew why I chose to be the garden for that little boy and I wasn’t budging. Leaving the hospital was bittersweet, I didn’t feel like my surro-babe was mine to keep, but my body didn’t understand why we weren’t taking a baby home when we worked so hard to grow one. It took me about 2 months to feel emotionally normal again, but those were some really hard times. I had baby blues like you wouldn’t believe but I really think that they were so strong because I didn’t have the normal baby distractions you would typically have after giving birth. All in all, my surrogate journey was one of the best things I believe I’ll ever do in my lifetime, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My heart is full and my soul is at peace.


My second surrogacy journey was with US Surrogacy, LLC. I loved working with Dawn and her team. This journey fulfilled all my expectations. The process was easy & enjoyable. My passion is for surrogacy, and there was no greater joy than to help others grow their family. I maintain a happy and close relationship with Dawn as well as my IP. He continues to send me updates all the time with the baby’s milestones & photos. I highly recommend using US Surrogacy for your journey!


I love all the staff! Everyone is super friendly and they make me feel like the only client! Dawn is absolutely amazing! I couldn’t ask for a better agency!


We have had the best experience with this agency. Very friendly and will help the SURROGATE and parents through what is an amazing journey.
Highly recommend.


I am on my second journey with this agency. I had twins last April and am now 12 weeks pregnant with a single baby. I have recommended US Surrogacy to many friends and family and have a few couples discussing using them for their own needs. LOVE US Surrogacy. Thank you for everything truly amazing people.


Love Dawn and her team! Best agency ever! So glad she called me that day! They are amazing!


I am the Account Manager at Surrogacy Escrow Services and have worked with US Surrogacy for many years! They are such a wonderful group of women who truly have hearts for surrogacy. Their Surrogates and Intended Parents are always their first priority!

-Allison Ragar, Account Manager at Surrogacy Escrow Services


I am at the beginning of my second journey with US Surrogacy. It’s hard to explain the support, love and professionalism that radiates out of these ladies. It is something that you just have to experience for yourself. I still don’t know how I was lucky enough to find them. Dawn, Janelle and Marin are some of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever known. Aside from that, throughout the process they were on top of everything! They respond immediately every single time. They work so hard behind the scenes so that surrogate mamas don’t need to worry about anything other than taking care of their bodies. These gals never miss a beat. I’m sure they work with a lot of people but they make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I would never consider going anywhere else. Deciding to be a surrogate is a big decision, you will have a lot of questions along the way. You need an agency that is honest, with integrity, that you can trust. I trust them implicitly.


When all hope was lost and I thought I would never be a surrogate again US Surrogacy changed that for me! Very transparent and caring the whole way through, and really cared about me as a person! Awesome team and happy to be working with them again.


Love this agency! Helped us find a great couple and are very helpful in guiding us through this amazing process!


My sister introduce me to US Surrogacy and I’m glad i followed through. They all have been amazing people and support . I’m also glad to experience this journey with my close little sister. I just got medical clearance! yay !!! Can’t wait to experience this journey and help out a family as much as their helping mine out . Big thanks to US Surrogacy for giving me the chance through your company. Y’all are amazing!!!


When I was approached about how I felt about becoming a possible surrogate mother, I didn’t really think much about it and I wasn’t really sure how to respond. I mean, I always thought I could carry a child for a family member, but I never really thought about doing it for a family I had never met before. Not that I was opposed to it, but it just honestly never entered my mind. I talked a lot about it with my husband, my kids and my extended family and it eventually became something that I decided I really wanted to do. I kept thinking about life without my own children and I kept thinking about how amazing it would be to make a real difference in someone’s life…to help them have a child and experience parenthood in this way. I was a little concerned with how I would feel about carrying a child and having to “hand it over” to its parent later on so I started picking the brains of a couple surrogates that I knew and a couple surrogates that I had been put into contact with through my agency US Surrogacy. I felt a lot better having talked about it with them and in the end for my first journey, the birth and what came after was the absolute best part! I had no attachment issues to the baby, and being able to recover from childbirth without a newborn was a little magic in and of itself. You do have to be ok with needles and administer many injections that you have to give yourself (or have your husband do it if you are a complete baby like I am) but despite that, the whole first journey with my intended parents, my coordinator and my agency was everything to me and I don’t regret a single thing. I felt I truly had full support from my agency and although my intended parents and I didn’t speak the same language, we were still able to communicate and develop a relationship. To this day, I LOVE getting photos of my first surrogate baby and watching her grow up and live her best life with her beautiful family means the world to me! I am currently pregnant with my second surrogacy baby and I, of course, chose US Surrogacy to be my agency again. I am getting the same stellar support as I did during my first surrogacy journey and I look forward to giving this sweet baby back to her mommy and daddy after a very long time of “extreme babysitting” with me.


I recently switched agencies and I haven’t been happier than with US Surrogacy. Dawn has treated me like I’m family since we met. All her staff are patient and very knowledgeable of the process to become a successful surrogate. I recommend anyone interested in becoming a surrogate mommy to check out this agency and you will see how much they care about future parents and surrogates.


I am currently on my first journey and I love this agency! They are super supportive and they help you with everything along the way. I went with this surrogacy <agency> over others because their process was so simple, and they took care of everything! They really listen to what you want and make sure that everything is in your best interest. I would recommend them to anybody thinking about being a Surrogate.